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The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame looked back at Nova Scotia's rich sport heritage this year and named, in order, the Top 15 athletes in Nova Scotia sport history. A panel of sport-knowledgeable people pared a very long list down to 25 athletes. Then we turned to YOU, the public, and asked you to be a member of our Top 15 ranking committee. We received hundreds of responses to the public survey. Those responses were tallied and counted as one of 13 votes when our Top 15 committee met to rank the Top 15 athletes out of this list of 25.

Thank you for watching and listening to our Top 15 announcements every week! Check back for more Top 15 news in 2018!

Top 25 Athletes, as selected by the panel, in alphabetical order--  Click on an athlete's name below for more information:

Aileen Meagher, Track & Field, Halifax
Al MacInnis, Hockey, Port Hood
Ante Jazic, Soccer, Bedford
Bruce Beaton, Football, Port Hood
Colleen Jones, Curling, Halifax

Tyrone Williams, Football, Halifax

And the Top 15 are... (Click here for CBC Profiles)

#15 Rob McCall

#14 Mark de Jonge

#13 Jamie Bone

#12 Ellie Black
#11 Karen Furneaux

#10 Mark Smith

#9 Steve Giles

#8 Aileen Meagher

#7 Johnny Miles 


#6 George Dixon


#5 Sam Langford


#4 Nancy Garapick


#3 Al MacInnis

#2 Colleen Jones

#1 Sidney Crosby 


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