The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame greatly appreciates interest shown in enhancing its collection. Artifact donors have helped us to preserve Nova Scotia sport heritage and allowed us to share our rich history with the world.

  • For an object to enter the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame collection it must be approved by the acquisitions committee, who will decide if the object meets the criteria listed below.
  • For the process to be complete a donation form must be signed by the donor or representative of the donor, transferring ownership of the object to the Hall of Fame.

While we appreciate all potential artifact donations, the Hall of Fame has very limited collections storage, which is why any potential donations must be carefully considered by our acquisitions committee. Please take a look at the following acquisition criteria before considering an artifact donation to determine if your object(s) fits with the Hall of Fame’s collection.

Please contact us before bringing your potential donation to the museum.


The object should:

  • Relate to Nova Scotia sport history and support the Hall of Fame’s mission statement
    • More specifically, it should be connected to a Hall of Famer; connected to a significant Nova Scotian athlete, team or builder; connected to a significant Nova Scotian sport event; or be manufactured and/or used in Nova Scotia and connected to a significant part of sport history. It should tell a story.
  • Be in good condition
  • Have the opportunity to be used within the collection
  • Improve the quality of the collection and enhance the collection (is it a duplicate of other artifacts already in the collection or is it unique?)
  • Have documentation (or accurate information provided by the donor) regarding its history
  • Have no special conditions or restrictions attached to its donation
  • NOT be a threat to users of the collection or other objects in the collection

The Donor should:

  • Have clear legal and ethical title to the object(s)

The Hall of Fame must:

  • Have the human and financial resources to acquire, document, preserve and store the object according to national standards, as well as provide adequate public access to the object
  • Be able to legally acquire the object without any prohibitive legislation


Please contact Katie Tanner, Museum & Communications Coordinator with any potential artifact donations at 902-404-3343 or

Please note:
The Hall of Fame no longer accepts hard copies of photographs, unless there is significance attached to the photographer or to the photographic process. Any photographs added to the collection are added as digital scans.

The Hall of Fame does not provide appraisals.