Did You Know?

Each item in our collection costs $12.63 per year to preserve. With 7,924 artifacts currently in our collection, that’s $100,115 dedicated annually to collections management! You can see the break down below.

Each artifact added to our collection follows the same journey when it arrives at the Hall of Fame.

First, an acquisitions committee decides whether or not the item is a good fit for our collection. They make their decision by considering our conservation resources, our collections mandate and the ability to display the item.

Next, the donor completes a gift agreement that legally deeds the artifact to the Hall of Fame.

The artifact must then be catalogued, with a complete record, including photographs, uploaded to our database and made available to the public online. Each artifact has a story to tell! It is assigned a number and a storage location. It is then prepared for either storage or display, but, either way, it is monitored regularly with scheduled checks and inventories.