First Name: 84 Antigonish Robertson's Midget Softball Team
Sport: Softball
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 2005

The 1984 Antigonish Robertson’s Midget Softball Team brought home the national softball championship title, but they also acquired the honour of being the first national championship ever in Antigonish. Robertson’s midget team members grew up, for the most part, playing the game together. Beginning at the squirt level and continuing through the years they learned the game and called each other teammates. In order to qualify for the 1984 national championships, Robertson’s midgets had to win a nine-team provincial tournament.

At the national competition, they won first place in their division with a record of three wins and one loss. They then qualified for the finals where they would have had to be beaten twice to lose the tournament. It only took one game as they defeated Quebec 4-2 to win the championship. The national title earned them Nova Scotia Team of the Year and the coaches were named Coaches of the Year. They also boasted an all-Canadian pitcher and catcher. The win created an increased interest in softball in the Antigonish area and launched a trend of successful Antigonish softball teams.

Members of the team were: Robert Bekkers, Mike Broussard, Blaine Burke, Kevin Burke, Tom Chisholm, John Fraser, Doug Grant, Kent den Heyer, David MacDonald, Donald R. MacDonald (manager), Gerald MacDonald, Paul MacDonald, Ron MacDonald (Coach), Ian MacIsaac, Lorin MacKay, Ken MacNeil, Kevin MacQuarrie, Graham Morash, Paul Richardson, Gerry Smith, Hugh Smith (Coach).


• Won 11-Team Cdn Midget Softball Championships
• Captured Numerous Provincial & Eastern Cdn Titles
• Won National Softball Crown
• Tournament MVP: David MacDonald
• All-Canadian Catcher: Kevin Burke
• All-Canadian Pitcher: David MacDonald