First Name: Aileen
Last Name: Meagher
Sport: Track & Field
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Halifax
County: Halifax County

Aileen Meagher was born in 1910 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Meagher did not start her running career until she attended Dalhousie University, but with her talent and hard work, she very quickly rose to the top in the sport.

By 1930, Meagher was the Canadian record holder for the 100- and 220-yard events, and was part of the Canadian contingent at the 1932 Olympics.

Meagher was the worthy recipient of two prestigious awards in 1935. She was awarded the Velma Springstead Trophy as the Most Outstanding Canadian Female Athlete, and the Norton H. Crom award as the Most Outstanding Canadian Athlete.

Meagher continued to compete in fine fashion. She went to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and won a bronze medal in the 400-yard relay. Two years later, in 1938, Meagher competed at the British Empire Games for the second time. There she won a silver medal in the 400-yard relay and a bronze medal in the 600-yard relay. This was Meagher’s last major competition.

She used her return fare to purchase an around-the-world ticket to take her home, traveling from December until May. (Traveling was one of the major motivating factors for Meagher to keep up her running career. She was able to compete and travel in Australia, Berlin, London and Los Angeles.) <br.
After retiring from running, Aileen Meagher became a full-time teacher and took up painting, showcasing her artwork at a variety of exhibitions from 1952 onward. Still, she continued to be recognized for her outstanding career as a runner, becoming a member of Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame and receiving the Dalhousie Award in 1972.

Meagher passed away in 1987 at age 67. She is an original Sport Hall of Fame inductee.


• 1930 Canadian record holder for 100 and 220 yards
• Part of Canadian contingent, 1932 Olympics
• 1934 BEG gold medalist in 220/110/220/110 relay
• 1934 BEG silver medalist in 220/110/110 relay
• 1935 Canadian Athlete of the Year
• 1935 Canadian Female Athlete of the Year
• 1936 olympic bronze medalist in 400 yard relay
• 1938 BEG silver medalist in 400 yard relay
• 1938 BEG bronze medalist in 600 yard relay
• Inducted in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame