First Name: Alf
Last Name: Rodgers
Sport: Track & Field
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Dartmouth
County: Halifax County

Alfred Rodgers of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was one of the Maritimes’ outstanding long-distance runners prior to World War I. He competed in races with distances ranging from 3 to 26 miles.

Rodgers’ first running win came at the Halifax Modified Marathon in 1919, and he repeated as champion in 1920. He also consistently won the annual six-mile Dartmouth Harbour Town Race.

In 1927, he placed eighth in the 26-mile marathon with a time of 3 hours, 26 minutes and 59.5 seconds. In 1928 he placed seventh in the same marathon, knocking 14 minutes and 38.5 seconds off his time — quite an improvement for one year.

Rodgers’ greatest race was a marathon team race against Tom Longboat in Montreal. Rodgers placed fourth, helping his Halifax team win the team prize and competition. The runners were given quite a homecoming reception upon their arrival back in Dartmouth.

Rodgers is an original member of the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame.


• Competed in races ranging from 3 to 26 miles
• Winner of the 1919,1920 Halifax Modified Marathon
• Champion of the Dartmouth Harbour Town Race
• 1927: 8th in the 26-mile marathon
• 1928: 6th in the 26-mile marathon