First Name: Billy
Last Name: Pickering
Sport: Multi-sport
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Halifax
County: Halifax County

William “Billy” Pickering was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as the last member of an old and prominent Halifax family. As a boy, Pickering was a natural athlete. Between 1890 and 1910 he set records and won awards that would later make him a legend in Nova Scotia sporting history.

Pickering excelled at football, hockey, baseball, and cricket. He played for the Halifax Wanderers Athletic club, and also played one season of football for Dalhousie University. Billy was “the most artful player of his time – perhaps of any time in Nova Scotia. He was full of dodges, none of his opponents could anticipate, and seldom had time to counter his moves…” Pickering had phenomenal speed and he was never at a loss in crucial situations. His greatest asset was that he was entirely unpredictable.

Pickering was also an excellent hockey player with an expert shot; he could place the puck anywhere in the net. During World War I, Pickering served with the Medical Corporation and was stationed for a while at McNab’s Island.

Then in the early 1920’s he worked for the Customs service. Billy was called upon to pose for a bronze statute that was to be made as a monument to the South African troops and he became one of the only men in Canadian history to have the experience of passing by his own monument every day for 40 years.

Pickering was “a true gentleman and sportsman in the best sense of both terms.” He died in 1952 at the age of 78 at Camp Hill military hospital. He is an original Sport Hall of Fame inductee.


• Excelled at football, hockey, baseball and cricket
• Well known for being entirely unpredictable