First Name: Bridgetown Men's Lawn Bowling Team
Sport: Lawn Bowling
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1982

In Nova Scotia, excellence in lawn bowling is seen in the Bridgetown Men’s teams of 1973 and 1975. The 1973 National Champions had to compete against eight provinces in play in Regina. Same day victories over Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia earned the title for Nova Scotia. This was the first time this Canadian lawn bowling championship had been won by a Nova Scotian team. In 1975, a Bridgetown four took the National Championship again. The team travelled to Vancouver for the competition and ensured the championship with a tie against PEI in the final game.

Members of the 1973 team were: Al Brown, Dick Campbell, John Sproule, and Joe Tidd. Members of the 1975 team were: Dick Campbell, Jack MacNeil, Joe Tidd, and John Wightman.


• Winners of the Keltic Open, 1973 and 1975
• Jack MacNeil- 1969 Canada Summer Games, silver
• Dick Campbell- 1969 Canada Summer Games, silver