First Name: Caledonia Rugby Team
Sport: Rugby
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1980

The Caledonia Rugby club dominated the Maritime rugby scene for 15 years through the 1930s and 1940s. Starting in the 1932-33 season, the team won ten consecutive McCurdy Cups for supremacy in the Maritimes. They also won the McTier Cup, emblematic of Quebec-Maritime supremacy, on 17 occasions from 1929 through 1946, losing only once in 1932.

Caledonia rugby team members from 1929-1946 included: Sid Adshade, Fess Anderson, J.W. (Toots) Boutilier, Howie Clark, Graham Crocker, Jim Driscoll (sub-captain 1929-30), J. Ferguson (treasurer 1929), Ewan Hillier, Bobby Jackson, Tom Jackson (captain 1932-33), Leroy (Hun) Lawley, James Leslie (captain 1930-31), Alek MacDonald, Floyd MacDonald, Roy MacDonald, Charlie MacVicar (manager), Charlie MacVicar (Jr.) (mascot), John McCarthy (coach 1932-33), Arthur McDonald, C.S. (Brophy) McDonald (coach), Morris McDonald, John (Grunts) McInnis, Addie McIntyre, Roy McKean, Clarence (Coot) McLean, Dan McLean, Gillis McLean, Alex McMullin, Sandy McMullin, George McNeil, John Morris, Louis Morris, Mutt Morris, Bob Murrant, Art Nalepka, Dan Nicholson, George Nicholson, Neil Nicholson, Lloyd Ogilvie, Melvin Sheppard, Stan Scott, John Vey, Charles (Jut) Wadman, W. Wilcon, Ewen Wilton, William Wilton.


• Dominated the Maritimes for 15 years
• Winners of 10 consecutive McCurdy Cups
• Winners of 17 McTier Cups from 1929-1946