First Name: Charles
Last Name: Smith
Sport: Baseball
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: 2007
Home Town: Digby
County: Digby County

Born in Digby in 1856, Charles Smith is one of the best Nova Scotians ever to play Major League Baseball. He was ranked as the finest Canadian-born 2nd baseman to ever play in the Major Leagues, by Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. With Cincinnati, Cleveland, Buffalo, Worchester, Louisville, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Washington and Boston, Smith has played over 1000 Major League games. Along with being named the finest Canadian 2nd baseman to ever play in the Major Leagues, Smith holds the record for most games ever played at 2nd base, by a Canadian.

Of all Canadians to play Major League Baseball, Smith is ranked in the top ten for games played(8th), hits(8th), runs scored(6th), triples(4th) and stolen bases (3rd). Smith is ranked 1st in every offensive category out of all Nova Scotians that have played in the Major Leagues. Although Smith passed away in 1927, it is a great honour for the Hall of Fame to tell everyone of his achievements.


• Ranked 8th for MLB Games Played
• Ranked 6th for MLB Runs Scored
• Ranked 4th for MLB Triples
• Ranked 3rd for MLB Stolen Bases
• Finest Cdn 2nd baseman in MLB, Cdn Hall of Fame
• 1876 began Pro career with Binghamton, NY Crickets
• Hitting .385, his Personal Best
• 1880 Joined Cincinnati Reds of the National League
• Umpire for 1882 World Series Two-Game Series
• Switched from Second Base to Shortstop in 1886
• Nickname “Pop” due to his facial hair
• 1891 Ended his Professional Career
• Played over 1000 MLB Games
• Holds Every Offensive Record for Majors NS Player