First Name: Dexter, Josenhans, &
Last Name: MacMillan
Sport: Sailing
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1983

When Glen Dexter, Andreas Josenhans, and Sandy MacMillan decided to pool their financial resources and purchase a boat in 1973, little did they realize they were launching an effort that would see them sail into world championship waters. By competing in the 1976 Olympics, the team became the first Maritime crew to win Olympic sailing trials. Only a year later, with Olympic Games competition behind them, the trio captured the World Sailing Crown at Hanko, Norway. The following year they finished second in the world event, and, in 1980, they again won the world title.

It was the team’s championship performance in Norway that made Canadian yachting fans realize the quality of the Nova Scotian crew. The recognition they earned themselves culminated when the 28-year-old Haligonian, Dexter, and Lunenburgers Josenhans, 30, and MacMillan, 29, were inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.


• Provincial Champions: 1974, 1975, 1976
• Canadian Champions: 1975, 1976
• World Champions: 1977, 1980
• First NS sailors to qualify for the Olympic games