First Name: Donald
Last Name: Koharski
Sport: Hockey
Inductee Type: Builder
Year Inducted: 2007
Home Town: Dartmouth
County: Halifax County

Don Koharski completed a 32-year on-ice NHL career and has been one of the top officials in the National Hockey League, refereeing over 1,500 NHL games. He has had the honour of refereeing 1,506 regular-season games, 235 playoff games, 11 Stanley Cup finals, Canada Cup finals in 1987 and 1991, and NHL All-Star games in 1992 and 2000.

In 1996, Koharski was recognized for refereeing his 1,000th NHL game, and in 2006, he was honoured for his 1,500th game. He is currently the NHL’s second most senior official behind referee Kerry Fraser. This past year, Koharski was invited to be the Honorary Referee-In-Chief of the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships held here in Halifax.

Not only has he made it to the big leagues, but, through his hockey official training camps, he has allowed at least three others to reach the NHL along with him. With his leadership and knowledge of hockey, he has influenced those he has taught and all others who strive to officiate in the NHL.


• 1975 Linesman for the World Hockey Association
• 1977 Linesman for the NHL
• 1980 Full-Time Referee for the NHL
• Refereed more than 1500 Regular Season NHL Games
• Refereed 235 Playoff Games
• Refereed 11 Stanley Cup Finals
• Refereed Two Canada Cups
• Refereed Two NHL All-Star Games