First Name: Frank
Last Name: Brown
Sport: Hockey
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Amherst
County: Cumberland County

Frank Brown was one of the best hockey defencemen in Canada. Brown was not known as a dirty player, but his famous “knee check” helped him and his teammates create a defence that was almost impossible to penetrate. He could literally send an opponent spinning across the ice using his famous knee check. It was not until some years later that this style of checking was ruled out of play.

In 1900, Brown played for the Amherst Ramblers and became the league champions of Cape Breton and Nova Scotia that year. He played for them again in 1905, the year they became the Maritime Champions. Many Nova Scotian fans wanted the 1905 Amherst team to go on to challenge for the Stanley Cup, for which they could have been serious contenders, but the hockey season was forced to end due to the lack of ice.

After Frank Brown retired from playing hockey, he became a referee- one of the Senior League’s finest. Frank Brown will be remembered as an Original Sports Hall of Fame Inductee.


• One of the best hockey defencemen in Canada
• Well known for his “knee check”
• Played for 1900 Amherst Ramblers NS champions
• Played 1905 Amherst Ramblers Maritime Champions