First Name: Frank
Last Name: Stephen
Sport: Track & Field
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Halifax
County: Halifax County

Frank Stephen was from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was the North American Sprint Champion in the late 1800’s through to the early 1900’s. At the turn of the century, he was the fastest 100-yard runner in North America.

An athlete of international calibre, he represented the Wanderers A.A.C in many feature events throughout Canada and the United States. Stephen ran the 100-yard dash in under 10 seconds seven times during his career. The first time was in Kentville in 1898, when he tied the Maritime record. (He also set a record in the 220-yard dash with a time of 21 and 3/5 seconds, but this record was not accepted.) Stephen also broke a local record, running the 100-yard dash in under 10 seconds on a track in Halifax.

Stephen was a versatile athlete with great speed and stamina. Besides running track, he also played baseball, hockey, and rugby for the Halifax Wanderers. He was known as “The Flyer” on the Wanderers Rugby Team.

After Stephen retired from track competitions he became one of the country’s most outstanding track and field officials. He handled many major events in Canada and was an official at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Frank Stephen is an Original Sport Hall of Fame Inductee.


• North american Sprint Champion late1800-early 1900
• Fastest 100-yard runner in North America 1900’s
• Ran 100-yard dash in under 10 seconds 7 times
• Also played baseball, hockey and rugby
• Outstanding track and field official