First Name: George
Last Name: Tracy
Sport: Track & Field
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Halifax
County: Halifax County

George Tracy was from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was an all-round athlete, but his specialty was running middle distances. The star of the Wanderers Athletic Club, it was said that there was no one in the United States or Canada that could equal him in the half-mile event.

In 1883, Tracy won the half-mile event at the Wanderers annual track meet and in 1884 he won both the half-mile and one-mile events at the same meet. In 1886, he competed in the Olympic Athletic Club’s Fall Games in New York, where he placed first in the 600-yard and third in the half- and one-mile events.

The following year, he won the half-mile in New York, as well as several races at track meets in Halifax. In 1888, Tracy went to New York to train specifically for the 660-yard and one-mile events. Unfortunately, he caught a rather severe cold before the annual fall games and placed second in the 660-yard event.

In 1889, Tracy returned to his usual calibre of running and won the American Championship at the National Association meet, becoming the first Canadian to capture the title of Amateur Champion Half-Mile Runner of America. In September of that same year, Tracy set a new record of 53 and ¾ seconds in the Wanderer’s Grounds.

Along with being a track and field star, Tracy was also a skilled oarsman, rugby player, baseball pitcher, and held several records and awards in gymnastics. George Tracy is an Original Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame Inductee.


• Star of Wanderers Athletic Club
• 1883 Half mile champion of Wanderers track meet
• 1884 half mile and one-mile champion
• 1886 600-yard winner, Olympic Athletic Club games
• 1st Cdn. Amateur Champ. Halfmile runner of America
• Excelled at rowing, rugby, baseball, gymnastics