First Name: Grant
Last Name: Holmes
Sport: Track & Field
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Halifax
County: Halifax County

As a grade 8 student at Joseph Howe School, Grant Holmes won the one-mile open Common School Competition Race against high school and common school students. From an early age, it was noted that Grant was too fast for the rest of the runners. He was already proving himself as a future track and field star.

Grant later attended Dalhousie University and was a remarkable athlete, considering that the school gave their teams very little time to practice. The team had to compete and train without the cooperation of their professors. Holmes was the maritime 440-yard dash champion for many years in the 1920’s and was an outstanding competitor in hockey, rugby, and basketball while at Dalhousie University.

In 1922, Holmes ran for the Halifax Crescents Club and won the 440-yard dash at the Maritime Indoor Championships by beating Barney Francis by over six yards. Holmes also placed second in the high jump at this meet.

In his next indoor meet he won the 440-yard, 880-yard, and the 1-mile run. It was during the mile run that Holmes again proved what a marvelous competitor he was. After staying behind the leaders for most of the race, he sprinted ahead of the pack in the final lap to win the race by an astonishing 150 yards. Grant Holmes is an Original Sport Hall of Fame Inductee.


• Proved himself as a future track star in grade 8
• Maritime 440-yard dash champion for many years
• Outstanding at hockey, rugby and basketball
• 1922 440-yard dash indoor track champion
• 440-yard dash, 880-yard and 1-mile run champion