First Name: Halifax Arcade Ladies Softball Team
Sport: Softball
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1999

The Arcade Ladies ruled the city senior women’s league from 1946 to 1949, winning the Maritime championship in 1947 and 1948. In four years of play, the Arcade Ladies won 90 games and lost eight. At one time they had a winning streak of 60 games. This streak was ended by the Truro Slugs in the 1949 final, but was believed to be unsurpassed in Canadian softball.

Members of the team were: Audrey Burke, Marie (Sis) Collier, Jean Cormier, Mary Cormier, Barbara (Babs) Frain, Jean Guest, Joan Guest, Bill Hayes (coach), M. Hayes (manager), Jadie (Wheaton) Innes, Violet (Hughes) Kellythorne (mascot), Edith MacGlashen, Helen MacLeod, Ena (Roemer) Messervey, Cecelia (Dryden) Purcell, Trudy Purcell, Marion (MacDougall) Schmeisser, Jean Shupe, Cecelia Small, Lily Snow (captain, manager), Jean (Saxton) Surette, Ethel White, Gladys White.


• 4 Consecutive City Championships 1946-1949
• 2 Consecutive Maritime Titles
• Won 90 of 98 Games Played