First Name: Halifax Atlantics Hockey Team
Sport: Hockey
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1980

The Maritimes Big Four and Big Six hockey leagues saw some of the finest players ever to don hockey gear in this region. The Halifax Atlantics were the cream of the crop in the early fifties, as home brew Dugger McNeil coached them to consecutive league titles and consecutive Alexander Cups (1952-54). The team provided constant thrills for the large crowds attending games at the Halifax Forum and other major arenas throughout the Maritimes.

Team members (1952-54) were: Bill Arcand, Frank Bergeron, Carroll Bloom, Bob Bowness, Bob Butler, Harry Butler, Hugh Campbell, Marcel Clements, Jock Douglas, Jerry Ead (trainer), Bill Ford, Billy Gould, Bill Gregory (trainer), Bob Hayes, Jack (Muckle) Hollett, Frank King, Kenny Laufman, Jean LeClerc, Bob Leek, Joe Lepine, Jim MacDonald, Don (Peanuts) MacLaughlin, Roy McMeekin, Douglas (Dugger) McNeil (coach), Doug McPhee, Johnny Morrow, Don Muldowney, Victor Oland, Bob Pepin, Henry Reardon, George Tingley, Billy Watson (captain), Ross Watson, Pete Wywrot.


• Winners of consecutive league titles
• Winners of consecutive Alexander Cups