First Name: Hector "Hec"
Last Name: Andrews
Sport: Baseball
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Gardiner Mines
County: Cape Breton County

Hector “Hec” Andrews was born in 1897 in Gardiner Mines, Nova Scotia. He began his baseball career in 1913, playing shortstop for the Dominion Hawks of the Cape Breton Colliery League. During a playoff game in 1921, he recored the longest home run ever in “Hawks Field” with a distance of 478 feet.

After the Dominion Hawks dispersed in 1922, Andrews decided to continue playing baseball with an amateur team in Cape Breton and remained with them until his retirement in 1930.


• Played shortstop for the Dominion hawks, 1913
• Recorded longest home run in Hawks Field, 478ft