First Name: Liverpool Larrupers Senior Baseball Teams
Sport: Baseball
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1981

The Liverpool Larrupers won three straight Maritime senior baseball championships from 1939-41: an accomplishment completed by a team with all native Nova Scotians. Both St. Stephen and St. Croix of New Brunswick were the luckless opponents in the three consecutive Maritime championship playoff wins. These teams were located near the U.S. border and were said to have bolstered their lineups with high-calibre American players in order to win, but this strategy proved unsuccessful against the unbeatable Larrupers.

Team members were: Mack Bowers, Nelson (Nel) Deveau, Vic Doleman, Gordon Hirtle, Clayton Hutchins, Warren Keay (trainer), Fred Kenny, Arthur Killam, Jim Mont, Fran Mouzar, R.H. Murray (manager, 1939), Dannie Seaman, Cal Seaman, Garneau Seaman, Ike Seaman, Mickey Smith, Mike Smith, Bruce Thorbourne, Laurie Thorbourne (coach; manager, 1940-41), Perry Thorbourne, Ledo Tonello (mascot), Vic Winters, Al Young, Burton Young, Lloyd Young.


• Won straight 3 champs with all native NS team
• HFX Chronicle Trophy was retired/prsnted to team
• Entire team prsnted bronze medals for achievements