First Name: Louis "Louie"
Last Name: Graham
Sport: Multi-sport
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Halifax
County: Halifax County

Louis Graham was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was a short, stocky athlete who was one of the best catchers in the Maritime Baseball League prior to World War I. Graham was said to be the best foul ball receiver ever developed in Nova Scotia, and he was one of the snappiest throwers in the game. He was often seen grabbing foul balls as far back as the catchers box.

In 1905, Graham played senior baseball for the Halifax champion Wanderers team. In 1906, he joined the St. Patrick’s club, the team that won the city championships. He had his best year at bat, his career mark was over 300, and he allegedly caught 9 foul balls in just four innings.

Graham was also an excellent sprinter. He used to compete at various indoor track meets in both Halifax and Dartmouth, and he held the indoor 50-yard dash record at the Maritime Championships.

Louis Graham entered the priesthood while he was still one of the top baseball catchers in Canada. He is an Original Sport Hall of Fame Inductee.


• One of the best catchers in Maritime league
• Played for Halifax Champion Wanderers team
• Played for St Patrick’s club city Champions team
• Best foul ball receiver developed in NS