First Name: "Nugget"
Last Name: Richmond
Sport: Baseball
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Springhill
County: Cumberland County

“Nugget” Richmond was from Springhill, Nova Scotia. He was an outstanding and versatile athlete, but his real sporting strength was in baseball.

When World War I broke out, about 17 per cent of the manpower from Springhill, including Nugget, answered the call to arms. When their draft landed in Le Havre, France, the Americans there challenged the Canadians to a baseball game. Nugget was quick to accept on behalf of the Canadians, who gave the the Yanks the shock of their lives. When the smoke cleared, Springhill had piled up four runs and the Yanks one.

Nugget was also a member of the 1927-1928 Springhill Fencebusters team.


• Member of winning WW1 Baseball team against the US
• Member of the 1927-1928 Springhill Fencebusters
• “Nugget” was a very versatile athlete