First Name: Phil
Last Name: Scott
Sport: Log Rolling
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: 1987
Home Town: Barrington
County: Shelbourne County

The community of Barrington proudly boasts of Phil Scott, a man who captured the world logrolling championship. He not only captured the logrolling championship, but did so nine times with 5 of them consecutively in the professional lumberjack circuit.

He got his start at an early age. While other kids were playing baseball, Scott was playing on the logs in the holding pond behind his father’s sawmill. At the age of seven, he won his first log-burling contest and at the age of 20 he broke into the big time at the world’s largest lumberjack festival in Haywood, Wisconsin.

Scott took a bus to Duluth, Minnesota then hitchhiked to Haywood where he proceeded to dump the pros one by one into the water until he finally dumped reigning champion Ardiel Wickhelm of B.C. to claim the title on his first try. He was a dedicated champion that didn’t like to take any time off, which was demonstrated through his continual training in the winter where he practised on a dry mount log in his basement.

For a few years he held the Canadian, North American, and World Championship Titles. He travelled to Japan in 1976 to win the Japanese championship, which was broadcasted live on television. His lumberjack circuit act continues to mesmerize all that have had the fortune of witnessing it. Phil Scott was inducted into the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame in 1987.


• Won World Log-Rolling Championship 9 Times
• Held Cdn, North American and World ‘Ship Titles