First Name: Saint Francis Xavier Football Team 1966
Sport: Football
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1994

The Maritimes have been blessed with many fine football teams over the years. Don Loney’s St. Francis Xavier X-Men of 1966 were one of the best. When it came to on-field domination, this particular club had few equals. They finished the regular season with a 6-0 record, ending with the Bluenose title and a win over defending champions Saint Mary’s Huskies. The X-Men scored 274 points and had only 27 points scored against them.

The Bluenose title automatically put the X-Men into the annual Canadian College Bowl in Toronto. Though no national title was on the line, bragging rights were. The opponents were the Waterloo Lutheran Golden Hawks, a 7-0 club in Ontario league action. Considered underdogs by the Toronto media, StFX achieved a well-deserved 40-14 victory. Coach Don Loney said, “It was the opinion of most that the little school from the East Coast was going to get a lesson in football. That was not to be. Our team played one of the finest games I have seen a college team play.”

Team members were: Terry Arnason, Bryce Bell, James Benton, Paul Brule, Stanley Butkus, Robert Charett, Skip Corrigan, Terence Dolan, Edward Goodwin, Terry Gorman, Gregory Gosling, Phil Hughes, John Keaveney (Sr), Don Loney (coach), Neil MacDonald, Bernard MacLean, Burns MacPherson, John McFarland (Sr), Taso Meere, Peter Montague, Carol Morgan, Morris, Dick Pandolfo, John Pike, Jon Purcell, Peter Sare, Paul Schonhart, James Shea, Helmut Stoeckl, Michael Stoneham, Wally Strapps, Gary Yabsley.


• First winners of the Save the Children Bowl
• First College Bowl Champions from the Maritimes
• Bluenose Conference Champions, 1966
• Won Bluenose Title
• Won Canadian College Bowl