First Name: Saint Mary's University Football Team - 1973
Sport: Football
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1986

The 1973 Saint Mary’s Football Team was the first Atlantic university team to win a national college football playoff championship involving representatives from all intercollegiate leagues. Under the direction of head coach Al Keith, the Huskies began the 1973 season, having lost two previous Atlantic Bowl games to Western and Waterloo Lutheran.

The Huskies took the Atlantic University Football Championship handily with a team of 17 fourth-year players, including eight Maritimers. Despite being the underdogs, they defeated Wilfred Laurier 19-17 in a hard fought game for the Atlantic Bowl. On Saturday, November 24, led by quarterback Bill Robinson, wide receiver and kicker Ken Clark, and linebacker Fraser MacDonald, the team defeated the McGill Redmen 14-6 to win the College Bowl (renamed the Vanier Cup in 1982).

Of the 37 players on the team, 21 were subsequently selected as draftees by the Canadian Football League, and five eventually went on to have extended careers in the CFL. A team member later offered a formula for the team’s success: “Playing together as a team, that was the thing that put us over the hill. Although there were a number of outstanding athletic individuals, the team concept was the important thing. We were really close as a group and it showed on the field.” The Saint Mary’s Sport Hall of Fame and Heritage Centre is proud to recognize the accomplishments of all members of the team.

Team members were: Rodney Allison, Art Bayliss (assistant coach), Richard Bishop, Larry Bridges, Jim Browne, Brian Burgess, Tony Cipollini, Ken Clark, Mike Curry, Dave Faryniuk, Gord Fumerton, Peter Grandy, Bob Hayes, Bruce Hopkins, Keith Hotchkiss, Al Keith (head coach), Roy Kendall, Mike Kirkpatrick, John Landry (manager), Rick Lewis, Dave MacCormick, Charlie Macdonald, Fraser MacDonald, Gord MacLeod (assistant coach), A.J. Marinari, John Matkowski, Henri Mayer, Peter Miller, David Murphy (assistant coach), Ralph Panzullo, Cliff Pelham, Dave Petrie, Hector Pothier, Mark Pothier, Mike Riley, Bill Robinson, Jim Rodgers, Ray Romano, Angelo Santucci, Joe Simatovic, Stephen Telfer, Frank (Buzz) Theriault, Dave Townsend, Doug Wasson, Greg Watson, Dave White, Doug Wright (assistant coach), Frank Yakimchuk.


• Atlantic University Football Champions–1973
• Atlantic Bowl Champions–1973
• College Bowl Champions–1973
• Ken Clark—AUAA scoring champion, 1972, ‘73
• Hector Pothier—J.P. Metras trophy (CIAU)
• Bill Robinson— 4-time AUAA All-star; 3-time MVP
• Steve Telfer—All-Canadian Tight-end