First Name: Sandy
Last Name: Young
Sport: Sport History
Inductee Type: Builder
Year Inducted: 2002
Home Town: New York City, USA
County: Outside Nova Scotia

Sandy Young was born in New York City and was educated in Pennsylvania and Maryland, but after moving to Nova Scoria in 1970, became a true Bluenoser. A professor at Dalhousie, he wrote Beyond Heroes, a two-volume history of Nova Scotia sport that has become the bible of provincial sport historians. It took Sandy Young to awaken Nova Scotians to their rich sport heritage, to acquaint both youngsters and adults with sport personalities who accomplished great things in sport and to make Nova Scotians proud of their own, and not just the glamourized stars from elsewhere. He was the master wit and the consummate presenter at Hall of Fame Induction Nights starting in 1980 through 2000 when illness forced him to step away. He was the man who refused to ignore the feats of provincial athletes and builders when too many others had forgotten them. Within his peer group, Young was cited for excellence in writing, research, and oratorical skills. He was an inspired speaker and a leader in the association of Canadian sport historians.


• Was a Player as well as a Coach
• Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis and Soccer
• Master of Arts and PhD Degrees at Uni of Maryland
• Taught Physical Education at Dalhousie 1970
• Passion for Fly-Fishing
• Wrote 2 Vol History of Sport in NS – Beyond Heroes