First Name: Smith-Nickerson Four Oared Crew
Sport: Rowing
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: Original

The Smith-Nickerson “fisherman” rowing crew was the greatest four-oared crew ever developed in Canada. They were all fishermen, hence the “fisherman” nickname. In 1876, they defeated the famous Saint John Paris crew the winner of the world title in Paris at a race at the Centennial Regatta in Halifax.

After this victory, they went on to race in Philadelphia for the four-oared Championship of the World against the English crew from London. After the turn in the course, there was a collision, but the fisherman crew still went on to win the race. The English crew lodged an official protest, which was upheld by the judges, meaning the fisherman crew was stripped of the title and the English crew was awarded the World Championship. The Smith-Nickerson crew still holds the record for the three-mile race with turn with a time of 17 min. 58 sec.

Team members: William Flemming (spare), Caleb Nickerson, Jack Nickerson, Obed Smith, and Warren Smith.


• Greatest 4-oared crew developed in Canada
• Defeated world title crew in 1876
• Stripped of World Championship title 1876
• 3 mile race record holders, 17min. 58 sec.