First Name: St. Mary's Four Oared Crew
Sport: Rowing
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: Original

The St. Mary’s four-oared rowing crew members of 1909 were known as the “Straightaway Champions of America.” The whole city of Halifax went wild when they found out that this crew had beat the best crews from Canada and the United States in the Straightaway Mile-and-a-Half race for the North American Championship.

Along with being great rowers, the team members also participated in other sports. Paddy Meagher played football with the Halifax Senior Crescents until 1921. George Power went on to coach many senior crews in Halifax and was one of the strongest men in shell racing.

Team members: G. Fitzgerald, Paddy Meagher, F. O’Neil, and George Power.


• Winners of Mile-and-a-half race in North America
• Known as “Straightway Champions of America”