First Name: Stellarton "Albions" Baseball Team
Sport: Baseball
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1980

The Stellarton Albions were one of the best baseball teams ever produced by the Halifax & District League. Coached by Bill Brooks, the Albions won three titles in succession in the strongest era of baseball Nova Scotia has ever seen. The roster was dotted with future major leaguers from American college ball, such as Gair Allie, with powerful sluggers like Joe Fulgham and crafty pitchers like Don Woodlief. The team also included top-notch Nova-Scotia-born talent such as Brother MacDonald and Sid Roy.

1951-53 team members: John Alford, Gair Allie, (Big) Bill Brooks (coach), Tunney Brooks, Bob Brown, George Carver, Joe Fulgham, Tom (Lefty) Harkey, Cecil Heath, Art Hoch, Ed Hooks, Huck Keany, Vance Long, John (Brother) MacDonald, Ray Moring, Ed Morris, Doc Murphey, Preacher Mustain, Ray Nesbit, Joe Pazdan, Monk Raines, Harry Reekie, Kent (Kay/Baby) Rogers, Sid Roy, Leroy Sires, Bob Stewart, Jack Turney, Sonny Way, Bill Werber, Joe Willard, Rudy Williams, Don Woodlief.


• Winners of three titles in succession
• The team had many future major leaguers
• Star players: Gair Allie, Joe Fulgham, Don Woodief