First Name: Truro Printing Slugs Softball
Sport: Softball
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1980

In 1945, the Truro Printing Slugs women’s softball team became the first Truro team to ever win a Maritime championship. They duplicated the feat again in 1946, and once again in 1950. The Slugs dominated their playoff series, winning the title in 1945, with a 24-3 score over Summerside, and taking the 1946 series from Charlottetown 17-4 and 22-0.

Team members: Team members: Verna (Christianson) Bruce, Janet (Yould) Cavanaugh, Marion Clark, Blanche (Creelman) Curtis, Evelyn Curtis (captain), Peter Doane (manager), Art Doleman (manager), Ann Fleming, Elizabeth (Doan) Hepburn, Margaret (Carter) Hepburn, Doris Hunt, Jean Karpinka, Margaret Langille, Doris Marshall, Joyce (Grue) MacBurnie, George McCharles (coach), Keith Miller (gearman), Gwen O’Toole, P. (Annand) Pine, Fay Rutherford, Vi Searle, Isabelle Scott, Ralph Singer (manager), Dorothy (Cameron) Terry, Joyce (Byers) Terry, Audrey Vance, Audrey (Carter) Yuill.


• 1st Truro team to win a Maritime Championship
• Maritime Softball Champions: 1946 and 1950