First Name: Walter
Last Name: Rice
Sport: Tennis
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: North Sydney
County: Cape Breton County

Walter N. Rice was from North Sydney, Cape Breton. He was recognized not only for his great tennis skills, but also for his sportsmanship. Rice was a Maritime Tennis Champion for three straight years (1919-1921).

To add to his championships, Rice and his mixed double partner Frances Woodbury (a champion herself) won several Maritime Mixed Doubles Championships. One of Walter Rice’s best matches was played in 1923, against a former British Davis cup player, Captain E.D. Black. Although Walter did not win this match, the close play throughout the entire match thrilled the crowd.

Walter Rice lived a long and memorable life. In January 1976 at the age of 97, he passed away. He is remembered as a great tennis talent and a perfect gentleman. Rice is an Original Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame Inductee.


• Known for his skill and sportmanship
• Maritime Tennis Champion, 3 successive years
• WInner of several Mixed Doubles Championships