First Name: Wayne
Last Name: Finck
Sport: Lacrosse
Inductee Type: Builder
Year Inducted: 2008
Home Town: Halifax
County: Halifax County

Over the last 38 years, Wayne Finck has had a major impact on the sport of lacrosse in Nova Scotia as a player, coach, official, administrator, educator, organizer, and sponsor. As a player, Wayne started his career in Halifax in 1969 and in that same year represented Nova Scotia at the 1969 Canada Games. He played senior lacrosse in Halifax at various times in his career between 1972 and 1992. Wayne had the chance to represent Nova Scotia at the Jr. ‘B’ Championships in 1970-1971 and the President’s Cup nine times throughout 1973-1990. In 1975, he was drafted to the Montreal Quebecois of the National Lacrosse League where he had a strong season.

Wayne also left his mark on lacrosse as a coach. He coached successful minor teams in Halifax before going on to coach senior lacrosse, Jr. High inter-lacrosse, and elementary school lacrosse since 2000. In 2003 Wayne coached at an international level when he was appointed coach of the men’s and women’s National inter-lacrosse teams (women won silver and men won bronze). Throughout his playing and coaching career, he became a level 4 certified referee and assisted in organizing several lacrosse tournaments around Halifax.

Wayne has stayed connected to the sport of lacrosse in Nova Scotia through successful and difficult times building from less than 100 kids participating ten years ago to over 2000 playing today. He is a quiet leader that leads by example and has helped build the sport throughout the province working with minor leagues and school leagues.


• Represented NS in the 1969 Canada Games
• Played Senior Lacrosse in Halifax, 1972-1992
• Represented NS at the Junior ‘B’ Champs. 1970-71
• Represented NS at the President’s Cup, 9 times
• Drafted to Montreal Quebecois Team, NLL
• Coach of successful Halifax Minor teams
• Coach of Senior, Jr. High and elementary lacrosse
• Coach of Men’s and Women’s National Lacrosse Teams
• Level 4 certified lacrosse referee
• Organized several tournaments accross Halifax