First Name: Yarmouth Gateways Senior Baseball Teams
Sport: Baseball
Inductee Type: Team
Year Inducted: 1981

In nine seasons from 1929 to 1937, the Yarmouth Gateways were crowned the provincial champions five times (1929, ‘32, ‘34, ‘37). They went on to win the Maritime championship twice, topping the Charlottetown Abegweits in 1929 and the St. Stephen Milltown Kiwanis in 1935. The 1935 win interrupted a string of 4 consecutive Maritime crowns by St. Stephen.

Ace Foley described the team this way, “They were known for their slick play and the ability to make a few hits go a long way. They could get a run off a slickly executed squeeze and they had a couple of fellows who could steal a base when they needed one.”

The Gateways capped the 1935 season with an exhibition game, which saw the Boston Braves visit Yarmouth for the first-ever appearance of a major league team on a Nova Scotia diamond. The Braves of the National League knocked 21 hits around the William Street ball field and humbled the Gateways 20-2. Still, the Braves deemed the Gateways a worthy opponent to make the trip to Yarmouth.

1935 team members: Edgar Amirault, Nate Bain, Prescott (Bis) Boyd, Benedict D’Eon, Russell Doucette, Ernie Grimshaw (captain), Berwyn Goudey, Douglas Horton, Halley Horton, Copie LeBlanc, Lawrence Muise, Cliffie Surette, Kenneth Veniot, Murray Veno, Peter White.


• Nova Scotia Champions: 1929, ’32, ’34, ’35, ‘37
• Maritime Champions: 1929, ‘35