We are happy to help with your next research project. We have a wide range of research materials available upon request.


The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame can provide digital or print copies of the photographs in its collection.

All copies of photographs are for one-time personal or research use only.


Please note that research visits cannot be arranged at this time, but we are happy to help you with your research via email, phone or mail.

Extensive research requests or reproductions for the purposes of publication or profit may be subject to a fee.

Researchers can browse the collection at

To inquire about what other documents may be on file at the Hall of Fame, contact Katie Tanner, Museum and Communications Coordinator at 902-404-3343 or

Researchers will follow accepted ethical standards, and, in order to ensure the safety and preservation of the collection, the Hall of Fame may apply certain restrictions to the collection as it sees fit, including the following:

Restrictions to the Collection:

  • General browsing of the collection in storage is not permitted.
  • Fragile objects or objects that have yet to be catalogued may not be available to researchers.
  • For security and privacy reasons, some information may not be available to researchers, such as donor information, storage locations and object appraisals.
  • It is possible that the Hall of Fame may not be able provide researchers with items, if the items were not requested in advance or if qualified staff are not available at the time.


Any reproductions used in publication or other product must receive written approval from the Hall of Fame and include the necessary credits.


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No permission is required…

…when limited amounts of material are downloaded or printed from our site, but only when it is used for personal or educational use.

Permission is required…

…for the reproduction of any content for commercial purposes, for example, use in books, films, websites and promotional materials. The requesting organization or person is responsible for questions of copyright that may arise from the preparation of content or its use in any way.

Modifications of content are not allowed. Permission is for a single use/product/edition only. The Hall of Fame reserves the right to withdraw permission if the content is presented in an unsuitable or negative context. Reproductions for commercial purposes are subject to a fee.