First Name: Steve "Kid"
Last Name: MacDonald
Sport: Boxing
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: 1980
Home Town: Bridgeport
County: Cape Breton County

Steve “Kid” MacDonald was born in Bridgeport, Nova Scotia in 1901. He was one of seven fighting sons and during his boxing career recorded several achievements. He was the Maritime Lightweight champion and the Rhode Island Lightweight champion.

In 1926, he won the Junior Lightweight Championship of Canada and in 1929 became the Junior Lightweight Champion of the World. Steve MacDonald finished his career in 1935 with an enviable record of 181-6 throughout a decade of professional boxing.


• Maritime lightweight champion of 1926
• Won the Canadian title in 1926 over Chris Newton
• 1929 Junior lightweight champion of the world
• 181 wins to 6 loses in his professional career